meltingmirror as Alicia Rue

Alicia Rue

Sword Art Onilne

Cosplayer: meltingmirror
Clothes: The dress is made with stretch cotton (from the discount bin - $5 score!) with bias tape trim. There is plastic boning for support. The belt has a sculpey buckle. The gloves are black spandex with my own piping made with leftover cape fabric. All the white fabric is stretch cotton. The curved details are created by sandwiching some buckram between the stretch cotton and stitching the ends.

Cape: The cape is made with 2 layers of marigold cotton and a black bias tape trim. The collar is stiffened with flexiferm.

Accessories: The bell is a foam ball covered in Worbla. The pin on the cape is made with red ribbon attached to a broach pin. The headpiece is metal wire with sculpey for the half-moon and tear drop bead.

Tail: The base is a hula-hoop, that was covered in fur. It is attached to a white belt made of strapping and it closes with a snap buckle.

Wig: I racked my brain over this wig for a while and I decided to have some braids but not have it entirely braided. I made two french braids at the top of the wig and left the rest loose. I added extensions to for the long strands to the shoulders and to cover the openings cause by braiding the wig.