Leia Rolando

Tales of Xillia 2

@Rose of Battle


I'm super excited for ToX2 to come out! When I first played Xillia, Leia wasn't even my favorite character, but she's grown on me so much. When I discovered she's a journalist in the sequel, I knew I had to make her outfit as a celebration of just getting my Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree!

I took way too long in uploading this, so I can't remember what most of the fabrics are, unfortunately. =/ But I used a jacket pattern as a base and also used a pattern for the shorts. I used a white button-up shirt I already owned. The wig is from Arda in the warm light brown color in the Inigo style. I pulled it into a ponytail to tuck under the hat and styled the bangs.


@Rose of Battle
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Series Tales of Xillia 2
Character Leia Rolando


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