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Rapunzel was my second cosplay I ever did, but the one I really debuted in. She was so much fun to do since I got to be very hyper and jump around in trees, but somehow the photos came out so much more elegant since I looked like a complete doofus in all the happy photos. I love Rapunzel for her spunk and bringing princess movies into a new age. However, this costume has got to be one of my least favorites to wear. That wig is so heavy! I plan on eventually replacing the wig with something more natural colored, like the Disney parks, but I love the wig and the flowers very much.

I'm very proud of this cosplay as a whole. It's what really put me in the comfort of cosplaying and welcomed me into the community and helped me find so many friends within the cosplay community; so Rapunzel holds a very tender part in my heart. It was very fun being introduced into the world of cosplaying beyond a little last minute project and it was my first real photoshoot where I got to discover that I am a horrible model! Ha ha, but I certainly tried my hardest! But I get asked a lot of questions as to why I don't have a lot of photos of my costumes -- it's because I'm very, very picky and over critique everything, especially myself, so a lot of photos never make the cut. It's a horrible habit that I need to kick, I know. But still, Rapunzel is the one costume that has ever made it past three or four photos I approve of. And no, my eyes are certainly not that green. I have to thank my wonderful photographer for those magically green eyes. Huhuhu.

Once again, thank you for the support and peeking at my photos. Much love!


P.S. Yes! These photos were originally posted on a "Oh! Dollface." profile, however, I have shifted over to this profile to use my real name. I think it's more professional and I just like it better. But yes! We are the same person!

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