Celestian Superior Vera Savora

Warhammer 40,000



Time passes, things change... I have met someone who had proven me his devotion not only by love and attention, but by building me an amazingly detailed set of Adepta Sororitas armor, as well as creating a full background story and personality for her. It all starts from the little things, though this project wasn't so little in the long run!
This is a collaboration between me and my insanely talented fiance. I am his model and seamstress, and he's my best artificer of the Imperium :)
Fans wished the haircolor to be white, even though we initially planned to go for my original haircolor. Though, it contrasts nicely with the rest of the armor.
The costume is for now finished, however, there are always things we can tweak, and that we shall!


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Series Warhammer 40,000
Character Celestian Superior Vera Savora


ShadowDrac This is amazing! 8D The sheer number of details just blows me away.

ArkAngel That I have to say that is a really AWESOME sister's costume!