My fourth costume and first time working with pleather, spandex, and making boots. x3 It was a big step for me.


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Series Vocaloid
Character Lily


Latitia_Lune WOW!!!! When did you put this up??? Its a ausome Costume I love it!!! My name is Matthew but I hate people calling me Matt cus I don't like the nickname call me Matthew with two t's anyways When you get older if its not a problem to make Yowane Haku she is my Number 1 Character from Vocaloid its soo cool not too many people are Cosplaying her I don't know why... :( oh well I hope you had a Great Sunday - New Years Day I hated Saturday cus it was Snowing and I don't like Snow that much cus when I have to shovel it delay's me from doing the fun things I want to do... If you live in the South where its warm please push the Humid weather up north to Massachusetts and Keep away from the Freezing Tempreature's Please call me up when you can 9 - 1 - (781) - 899 - 5090 Thank you for making this Vocaloid Costume its very nice work I don't think I can make that .... :(