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You can read the full storyline of the photos here! ---->

Version 2.0 of the new Tomb Raider game (Version 1.0 my clothes were still clean and I had the earbuds in from the beginning of the trailer).

Hair: My own, though I did have my hair stylist cut it specifically for the occasion.

Makeup: Natural makeup, but with a slight smoky eye as a base. Then I had the privilege of having a pro makeup artist apply prosthetic scars, bleeding cuts, and a ton of dirt makeup (though oh was it a pain to get off. Apparently my skin liked to absorb it a little too much).

Earrings: Nose rings from Spencers (as I do not have pierced ears.)

Necklace: A gift from a friend. It's actually handcarved jade that he carved himself. The strap is braided leather cord from Michael's

Tank tops: 1. White undershirt - Ross
2. Blue overshirt - Goodwill. It was bluer to begin with, but we died it with a grey pass to desaturate it.
Distressed it with watered down dark brown, light brown, and red acrylic paint.

Belt: A gift from my hair stylist.

Holster: Handmade by a leatherworker from a shoulder hide that was distressed with antiquing gel and good ol' fashioned roughhousing.

Gun: M1911 dummy gun borrowed from a friend

Pants: Ebay. Distressed with instant coffee, watered down dark brown, light brown, and red acrylic paint.

Boots: Timberland Dusseldorf boots - Ebay UK. No, they're not the screen-accurate Charles street boots, but I like the Dusseldorf's better aesthetically. But they're very similar to the Charles, just a little taller. I specifically wanted a real outdoor boot that would last rather than a fashion boot and boy am I grateful I went that route. The boots are extremely comfortable.

Bandages: A combination of medical gauze, stripped linen, and a ripped white tank top that were then dunked into a mixture of dirt makeup and water.

Bow: Friends helped me make this one following this tutorial --->

Arrows: Hand-whittled 3/8 dowel rods from Home Depot that were then stained with brown acrylic paint. Hand-fletched with feathers and artificial sinew from Hobby Lobby. One arrow tip was made from a piece of leather that was painted black and grey to mimic metal.

Quiver: Cardboard base with a thick canvas wrapping and distressed with many layers of paint. Leather cording wrapping from Hobby Lobby. Strap is an M1 Garand sling with a distressed pistol belt buckle. I need to redo the quiver as it's sitting wrong and I don't know if it quite has the right shape.

Watch: Walmart that was painted with yellow acrylic paint.

Walkie Talkie: Screen-accurate Midland 2-way radio gifted by fellow Lara Croft costumer, Kristen Anne. Well, almost screen accurate. It's the exact model pretty much, just without the yellow paint. So it was painted with yellow acrylic.

Pouches: Gifted by fellow Lara Croft costumer, Kristen Anne. (I was the guinea pig. :P)


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Mao_Melissa Your costume is amazing and I love the realistic emotion that you put into your portrayal of Lara. Thank you for starting your thread on the RPF forums & sharing your journey with all of us, it has been so helpful to me, in my research!