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I’ve always wanted to do a Star Wars costume, but I didn’t want to pull from the movies. So I went through the Wookieepedia. This was the first name I clicked on and I knew the moment that I saw the image that I wanted to make this character come to life. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Darth_Simi

I elected for a bodysuit so that I could feasibly wear this costume a few times without spending hundreds on body paint and getting a professional to paint me each time. Simi also doesn’t leave much to the imagination up top…there is not enough double stick tape or spirit gum in the world to hold those belts in place.

The bodysuit was dyed and constructed by me from white spandex dance fabric. The tattoo’s were hand painted by me. Overall construction time for just the suit, including gloves, socks, and painting, took roughly 70 hours. It was important to me to make this a 360 degree costume. As there is only one image of the character, I spent a few days researching and designing what the tattoo’s on the arms, back, and legs would look like. My hope is that the tattoo’s match what the character would really have if she weren’t wearing the cloak.

The cloak and belts are made out of matte suede with a cotton stretch backing. I wanted an element of richness to the cloak while still being light enough to move. It felt like a good blend between femininity and utility.

The hair is a series of dreadlocks made of scrap cotton fabric, yarn, and hair extensions. The horns are foam covered with cotton stretch fabric and painted. They are attached to the cap with spirit gum. Cap is latex that was made by me to conform to my head.

Left to do: Making lightsabers my way. Fix one of the belts buckles and the neck clasp.

Estimated Cost: $150. Bad fabric choices in the initial stages caused for money to be wasted. Reality of the cost is under $100 for the costume.

I need to look more evil. >.>

For additional images, please visit wee's galery: http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/206245/


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Character Darth Simi


Sierra117 nice!

MDA One word: EPIC

Kungfufish yeah your right being showcased doesn't matter. It is just for fun. I just think that you did a really good job on this. hope we cross paths one day!

Kungfufish thanks for the compliment! wow, this costume is really great, you look just like her. and yeah, you make scary look sexy lol. I'm surprised this hasn't been showcased yet. I hope to get a cosplay partner or group to cosplay the fifth element with. It's too bad we live so far apart, it would be awesome to get pics together.

Green Eyed Lady I didn't know this character existed(don't really follow Star Wars in that detail even though I do like Star Wars) but when I saw this I looked up the character and you look just like her. Really well done.

Sheikahchica This costume is AMAZING. I love it!!

Liliana *JAW DROP* YOU ARE TOTALLY AWESOME. I'M SPEECHLESS. *O* this is mega impressive!! Can't express feelings very well over the internet, but wow. I am seriously amazed by your work on this!!! Congrats on that award too! ^__^

benihime oh wow this costume is AWESOME O: