Legend of Neil Red Fairy

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Ok, so both of these costumes were put together in a week, while working a full time job. I had to have helpers around to glue fabric, flowers, etc.

I couldn't find the wings online so I had to make them. I used the Season 3 poster from San Diego ComicCon for the color reference for the wings, which is why they look so much brighter than the wings on the show. I like the way the brighter colors looked in the photoshoot, though they're not screen-accurate.

I also didn't have time to make the crossbar support so they collapsed in on themselves a bit.

There are pictures of us on the internet with Felicia Day and Sandeep Parikh, but that version of the costumes was horrendous. We had literally 5 minutes to get dressed, so we couldn't do hair and makeup, and I actually left my shirt at home so I had to remake one the Sunday morning of the con by cutting up a skirt I had brought with for another costume (it was red but too dark) and picking flowers off the remaining piece to glue onto the new shirt. What a nightmare that was! And unfortunately that was the version that got shown to Felicia and Sandeep. But thankfully we got to do a proper photoshoot and get some better pictures later on.

Hair and makeup by Jennifer Powell-Pincelli. Photography by Paul Palfreyman.


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Character Legend of Neil Red Fairy


Laerai Oh my goodness, this is completely awesome, and you look great!

linksliltri4ce If you're still looking for the exact wings, this girl who posted a picture of herself on LoN's facebook page found the wings online - I just got my pair - they're very nice and it didn't take too long for shipping. http://anniescostumes.com/fantasy.htm "Woodland Fairy Wings about 3/4 of the way down, then I cut off the little embellishments on the extremities. Took me forever to hunt down the exact wings, but this is them! Exact shape and pattern :) "