Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep



My first *real* Kingdom Hearts cosplay! Yay! Finally! *0*!
I must have been possessed by all that gaming when KHBBS was released, because I resolved to make this cosplay, AND a Terra for my brother, AND a Ventus for my sister, in 1 month, for Halloween at Downtown Disney. Sleep-deprived for a whole month, and ended up wrangling my siblings into working all night&day on the cosplays too, but we actually made it to Downtown Disney on Halloween night! x_x Thank you so much, sibs! ^O^!
...Though we didn't have time for wigs...or proper shoes...or all the little details... ~_~; But we'll have it finished by the next anime convention! Then we can be an actual sibling trio, cosplaying Terra/Aqua/Ven! *o* Yeah...! "Hold onto your dreams," Angeal said!


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Series Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Character Aqua


soraKHdemyx wow. amazing aqua cosplay!

artisticpsyco Dwah! : D You guys look so amazing! And that's so cool that you got your siblings to cosplay with you xD