SakuraxTsubasa as Namine


Kingdom Hearts II

Cosplayer: SakuraxTsubasa
Meh. I'm redoing it. Else I cry. And maybe it won't be so short, and maybe it'll be somewhat stretchy...
But it was fun to be recognized and stuff!

Honestly, I'm really proud of how this turned out and how well received it was, despite all the things I can find wrong with it, which is virtually everything except for the drawing I had in the sketchbook. So, with that being said, my list of corrections for next time:
Fix wig. Her random bang in the middle is shorter than I had it, and it was getting in my eyes.

-Skirt was too short.

-The fashion fabric was fitted, but the lining wasn't. (Long story)

-Redo the scallops on the skirt.

-Put some sort of fixative on my drawing after I color it so maybe I won't have a blue blob on my chest.

-Put the little yellow flowers on my shoes, which were otherwise perfect.

I have to say, though, I'm all for remaking this and wearing it somewhere.

Unfortunately, I'll never have pictures of this outside of the con.