The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

A very over-cosplayed character. But when the game was just on the market and i finished it, i told myself to cosplay Midna once. So in the end i did.

Worn on:
F.A.C.T.S 2010 (Belgium) - Sunday
Made in Asia 2011 (Belgium) - Saturday

========= CREATION =========

There are minor mistakes in the patterns, but it doesn't really matter. Noone really knows the exact shape of the cape. I drew up the patterns in one night. ^^;; And sewed them together the night afterwards. I decided to go and visit Cyclone X for a full weekend. He was going to be my Zant and had similar drawings on his cosplay, so we decided to do the markings together. I must say, i haven't had so much fun in a long time. ^^ It's 10 times more fun to do cosplay work with other people, especially if you can make a cosplay-weekend out of it.
More detailed shots of the backside: http://xxmykaxx.free.fr/cosplay/Midna/making/cape/

The skirt was done in the cosplay-weekend. The bracers were done at home. Everything was very fun to do, especially tiny things like the bracers. ^^ It took me about a day to get two of these done. Although it takes up a lot of patience. Especially if you don't have someone who can hold everything in place. &gt;_< But i managed! Half of the green paint was done in the cosplay-weekend. But afterwards i noticed i had to add 2 more layers to get a nice clean look.

Meaning the head-piece, feet-bracers and belt. These things took longer to make then any other part of this costume. I had to remake the feet-bracers 3 times. The first time i made them like the original design. But since the original design is quite pixeled, it's hard to make out any detail. Afterwards i saw a few people that also cosplayed Midna and noticed they did some of the accessories different. So i decided, that i was also going to put in my own creativity. The headpiece was the hardest to make since it's really small. It's about 7cm by 4 cm.

Have fun ~~
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Series The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Character Midna

Thearah I wouldn't say overcosplayed! More people do who Imp anyhow. REGARDLESS, you look amazing!

Narnian Stunning cosplay! You really did well.

Adlez-AxeL Waw, you really did an amazing job!!! One of the best crafted true form Midnas I've seen for a long time! *thumbs up*

Terraselkie all the effort you put in totally shows! very good job!

Earthychan This costume is awsome!! You did such a good job on everything!

Viveeh Hey, this cosplay is wonderful! I wonder what makeup you used for the skin color?