Adam Jensen

Deus Ex



This will be my first cosplay costume which I will take to my first convention.
I have been inspired by the art direction and character design of the game Deus Ex: Human Revolution due out in August 2011.
I intend for sunglasses on the costume to have removable, magnetized lenses, and I am halfway through prototyping a pair.
I already have plans for the Shoes and Pants and expect no trouble making them, or the Sunglasses.
The biggest problems I foresee are the Coat and Mechanical Arms. I am making plans for spring loaded blades in the arms, but I will see if that is viable when I begin prototyping them. I may have to scrap them.
I will add pictures as I progress, and may link to a youtube channel showing my progress. Expect pictures of the prototype sunglasses soon.


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Series Deus Ex
Character Adam Jensen


Nehta W.O.W. looking forward to it!!

Mc.Fly-Walker looks great... can't wait when it's finished. I'm thinking about... to make the coat and the Sunglasses, too. I love these.

Criana looks awesome. Can't wait to see more :)

OldOneEye For now I'm using double sided tape, sticky tack, or whatever works. For the end result I'm planning on using spirit gum, which is the stuff they use in theatre.

Knighthawk how did you make the glasses hold in your face?

xmaster OMG CANT WAIT.