Akahime as Xion


Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Cosplayer: Akahime
About this costume, it was so hard after I flipped the fabric around. It was SO hard because I didn't actually use pleather like most people would. Or whatever shiny fabric they used (that probably had grip for their machine to grab onto and move backwards). I used fabric that did make it shine (as it was two layers, one of the shiny thingy and the fabric itself that is stated to be rather warm by my little sister).

Yes, I created this costume for my little sister and she's cute as a button!

The hardest part about making this costume was that the shiny side of the costume was hard to sew on because the machine's gaget had a hard time trying to move it backwards because it was so slippery and it had no texture for it to grip on. Dx So, I suffered a couple of hours on just that part.

But I was able to get this costume done in a one night. That's what I get for just making a simplified version of the Org XIII cloaks. =3 LOL But people seemed to enjoyed it and got really good compliments on it when my little sis wore it. =D

As for the keyblade, I had a broken mop sitting with no real role, so I decided to saw it to make it a good length for my little sister. With a mixture of cardboard, her keyblade was made. =)

Cosplayer is my little sister... since I did make this for her for AD'11. =) She had a very good time and people recognized her instantly even when she had her hood on. LOL