Zoë Washburn




Costume Components: blue polo, khakis, vest, riding boots, wig, leather cord, gun holster, sawed-off shotgun, black military belt

Total cost: $200 (though half of that was just wig and shoes)

Purchased elements: Black riding style boots, tan pants, navy blue polo, black military belt, one long strand of black leather, one plastic sawed-off shot gun.

Make-up: Because I am not black, I purchased dark foundation. I found that I got the smoothest coverage if I applied it over top of my regular foundation. Otherwise, it caught and exaggerated all my blemishes. A little hairspray kept it from coming off my hands and arms, but I made sure the shirt was long sleeved as well.

The vest: The expense in the vest came with the buckles. There are eight total. The fabric pattern is Butterick 4736, modified so that the sides don't meet and buckles can be attached. When using the fake leather, I found it saved my sewing machine if I folded tissue paper (like you'd use for wrapping presents) over the side. It fed into the sewing machine much more easily after that.

I purchased all the buckles online, and used a riveter to line the holes in the material so it wouldn't stretch.

The gun belt: There's a buckle on this too. This is flat fabric with hooks sewn on to hold the gun in place. I also attached a piece of velcro to the gun. It doesn't work great, but given my resources, it was cheap and easy. I used shoe polish to give it a worn look.


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Series Firefly
Character Zoe Washburn
Variant War Stories


Clueless_Bella I just want to know where you got your gun. Secondly, if you ever resurrect the Zoe cosplay ... people will know it's Zoe even if you're white. The same way people knew I was Raphael even though I wasn't a turtle. Nice cosplay, but less dark foundation next time. Love the wig too. Where did you get it? Also, people above, she wasn't trying to be racist. She was just trying to fully capture the totality of the cosplay. It isn't PC but you learn.

lucymarie ...you know this is racist, right?

inairweretowers Really, blackface? What made you decide that was actually acceptable? I sincerely hope you didn't wear this out to any conventions, and if you did, that someone called you the fuck out for it. This is disgustingly racist and you need to take these photos down.