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For our first cosplay, my friends and I want to go Disney; we love Disney to death
I picked Peter Pan because I love Peter (don't we all?). Peter's not my favorite character, but for some reason I always felt connected with him.
I didn't want to do his iconic costume because I've made one before for my Disney Dream Portraits.
I wanted something... different.

So I picked the Peter Pan Variation from WDW's Stage Show: Dream Along with Mickey


The costume is entitled "Dream Peter Pan" after what it is based on. It's not my dream costume!
It could be treated better!

The costume is 2 layers (the shirt + tunic).
On the tunic, I used suede lace (referred by Kellie) on parts seen on the original costume. Unlike the original, the tunic is not connected to the shirt as I might use it separately.

The leaves are poor craftsmanship. They're more of a "Oh god I'm lost. I'll just BS this!"
They're connected to the shirt.

Peter's hat is the original from my Disney Peter photo, and I had to cut it up, punched holes, add lace, etc. The red feather is from a duck.

Feathered Necklaces (Wood, Hemp, Amazonian Feathers, etc) are created by the talented Tina Van Zwol - They symbolize the friendship between the Injuns and Peter.

When it comes to posing, I pose better as Peter than anyone (so far!). I guess it's cause I understand him more (as my goal is to be the 2nd Asian Peter Pan at Disney World!)


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Series Peter Pan
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YuriHappiny Amaaaazing job! I love the work you put into this--seriously impressive for your first cosplay. Your poses are spot-on! And yay for a fellow Asian face character hopeful! XD Hope your dream comes true <3

beloved4ever Wow! I really like this version.. If i were to imagine Peter, it would look something like this! You did a really good job and you really do make a great Peter... You fit his character perfectly and have brought him to life! P.S. Kudos to you for this being your first cosplay! ^.^

Benihime78 You make a great Peter Pan and I can't wait to see more pictures! I know you said that the leaves are of poor craftsmanship, but I like them. I think it really adds to the character, especially since I wouldn't expect Peter's clothes to perfect and neat :)