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Blood-C (anime)



Being a huge fan of the Blood: the last vampire, Blood + and Clamp, I watched the episodes!
Later on, mainly due to the ending, this was chosen as an "easy walk around" cosplay. Loving the red-black combination as well made it more the reason to make it. :)

- socks
- wig (needed to be styled)
- eye contacts
- 2nd handed shoes
- glasses

ChibiEri barrowed me her katana.
For the holder I made a "sock" from red cheap stretch fabric and the black details from left-over black cotton stretch fabric (unsewn to give a more realistic look!)

~~ Later on if I have the time, a weapon will be created from balsa wood.

school outfit
The skirt was based on a pattern and altered. (red thick stretch fabric) Inlay was made from black inlay fabric. Used stretch black ribbon to create the underlaying black skirt look.

The top: same stretch quality fabric but black. This pattern was based on 2 things: an own personal blouse and a real pattern (size was too big!) and combined/altered when needed. The red accents (tie etc) made from the same fabric as the skirt. Later on 2 holes were put in the collar combined with heavy chain (bought from a local DIY store).
the black extra "bracelet" was made from lame fabric to give a more personal touch as well as the black V signs on the tie. The ties were based on a free M&M's tie I once got.

More left-over fabric was used for the tails of the wig.

As for the shoes, fabric pieces were created but when putting them on the shoes the combination was really ugly! So eventually they were thrown away.

First try-out was done at Japantag.
The final, better version was done at Japan Expo.

Overall the result was pleasing. It looked like an easy cosplay but I managed to learn again new tiny things.

Cost: ~90 € (including eye contacts, glasses , shoes, stockings and wig)


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Series Blood-C (anime)
Character Saya Kisaragi
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