AzureCo as Luna


Sailor Moon S: The Movie

Human Form

Cosplayer: AzureCo
This is one my babies. I love it to no end.
I drafted all the patterns myself, with a bit of trial and error with what shape and seams I wanted for the bodice, but I settled on this simple form.
The skirts are circle skirts in various forms. The yellow casa satin was cut down to a square, and under that are four circle skirts from black taffeta. The top crystal layer is actually a full circle, but each layer below that is successively larger in diameter and has another quarter circle to give more volume. The waist of each layer was cut off center and gathered to a simple covered elastic wasitband, and I then cut each layer by hand to get the final shape. All seams an "hems" are melted to keep the lines as clean as possible.
For some fun, I added simple corset ties to the back.

All the jewelry is made by me using sculpey that was baked and painted gold then attached to gold chains along with the pearls. My crescent was made in the same way and uses spirit gum to keep it on my forehead.

If there's anything else you'd like to know about this costume, don't hesitate to ask!