Avatar: The Last Airbender



Also known as his defection outfit, season three, what-have-you. It's what he wears under armour, so technically it's arming clothes.

Shirt-- red cotton-linen blend, burgundy satin scraps, gold braid, red twill tape. The pattern was adapted from an SCA page on Mongol clothing, but it's pretty basic. I made secret ninja pockets, which are not basic, but are awesome. The sleeves have drawties just in case I decide to make the armour as well.

Pants: red cotton-linen blend, red twill tape. Central Asian gusset construction of the "I dare you to rip these" variety. They are the poofiest pants I have ever created.

Vest: black suedecloth, black canvas, yellow/gold brocade, interfacing, gold cord, orange thread. It's got pockets. It took me about two days to sew down all the cord. By hand, because I'm a lunatic.

Belt-- the same brocade and interfacing as the vest collar/trim. Should've cut it on the grain properly, but that's nitpicky.

Boots? Lawlz.

Scar done with tissues and liquid latex, except when I decide to substitute modpodge instead.


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Series Avatar: The Last Airbender
Character Zuko
Variant arming clothes


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