Mizuno Ami

Sailor Moon



* New wig photos added! *

Cosplay Head-to-Toe:

- The old wig was a blue-black mix purchased online. I cut and styled it myself, though I wasn't too pleased with the result.
- The new wig is the exact same as the old one, except cut and styled much better! I left the bangs longer in order to poof them out and trimmed the back a bit shorter. I'm very happy with the result!
- I used matte eyeshadow to color my eyebrows blue.
- Even though you can't see them in photos, I'm wearing a pair of plain blue stud earrings purchased from H&M. Gotta love the small details that only you yourself know about, haha!
- The uniform was custom-made according to my measurements by the talented Annie Han of CosplayDesu.
- The socks were also purchased from H&M. I doubled them up so that my shoes would fit a bit better and to prevent the white from appearing transparent in photos.
- Finding the shoes was a complete nightmare! I found a lot of nice ones at the thrift store, but none of them fit me properly. Luckily, after two weeks of searching, I found the perfect pair in the clearance section of a nearby department store. They were a bit shiny, but the size, color, and style were absolutely perfect - I just couldn't pass them up!

If you have any questions about this costume, feel free to PM me. Thanks for looking!


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Narnian So cute! You make a great Ami!