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One day in late November a friend of mine said "YOU'RE GOING TO ANIME BOSTON, YOU HAVE NO SAY IN THE MATTER!"

So in February I bought my ticket (I was poor for a very long time). That gave me 2 months to come up with my cosplay. I decided on Aang pretty quickly and started to ponder up how I could pull it off. I ordered a bald cap and then put the rest off until a month later. Realizing I only had a month left to make said cosplay- I headed over to joanne Fabrics and bought tons of the cheapest fabric in the colors I thought would be suitable. I made the mistake of trying to wash it before sewing and the ends frayed pretty badly. So that ruled out making any mistakes on cutting my pattern... or it would if I used a pattern. I winged it completely and surprising I made a tacky Halloween-costume looking Aang outfit. Thats what I get for not saving up and waiting until the last minute to start the construction of it.

Over the next year I plan to remake Aang with a much better fabric and a better quality bald-cap. Along with a surprise prop! (And no it's not a staff!) ;)

Gosh, this was the most fun I have ever had! I miss being Aang!


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Series Avatar: The Last Airbender
Character Aang


snoosue Awww :D Thanks so much! It's all still a work in progress! http://www.makeupmania.com/products/Graftobian-%252d-Bald-Cap-Kit.html That's the bald cap kit I used! :) I think next time I am going to make my own bald cap out of liquid latex thought. The one I used kept detaching at the base of my neck because it was too big and I was sweating so much! @[email protected]

gearheaded-seamstress You are actually my hero right now, I hope you realize. :D You wouldn't still have the link to where you got the bald cap and any tips, would you? :3