07 ghost



I....... really need to get photos of this thing. XD This was based off of a version of Frau during a break in the Hawkzile race in the Manga.

Essentially, I used most of my casual version of Frau. The differences though were that I used a black wig instead of a blonde one, had cat-eye contacts in, freakishly long and sharp black nails, and a giant wing growing out of my back (so much fun!). The wig was styled by me and I also painted and shaped the black nails as well.

Major thanks to Jeff for helping me with the wing. It took a bit of a beating during the con, so I have to fix it up before I do a real shoot with it. Once that happens, I'll get photos up of it as soon as possible! ^_^


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Series 07 ghost
Character Frau
Variant Possessed


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