Serah Farron

Final Fantasy XIII



I made this for a FF13 group my friends organized~! It was a lot of fun, but I'm not happy with the costume overall. I'll remake some parts of it.

Wig- Wisp bought off of the marketplace and then dyed. The ponytail is an extension that I curled. I'd like to re-curl this.
Shirt- linen shirt I patterned myself with the matte side of a light pink satin on the sides. White bias trim and functional buttons. The collar is fully interfaced.
Skirt- for some reason I bought seersucker, probably since I thought it matched the plaid well, but alas, I don't like it very much in the skirt. Anyway just a simple pleated skirt with a side zipper, lace sewn onto the hem.
I also made her bracelet, hairband and earrings. The bracelet came off at some point, sadly. I paid a lot for those beads ;A;
The armband and l'Cie brand are made by my Lightning, Alexa <3
The engagement necklace was made by my Snow, Tom! :3


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Series Final Fantasy XIII
Character Serah Farron


Narnian Aww! You are such a cute Serah!