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The skirt, top, and pants are made out of a polyester. The top for Katara was the hardest part to make. I can't remember what pattern I used, but my mom and me flipped a Chinese top pattern because the collar was going the wrong direction! We then patterned it out and made a mock up. The white is bias tape. rnThe skirt was made with Simplicity pattern 4552. We just added the split and decoration. rnrnThe pants were made with a typical pants pattern and they have elastic in the ankles. The wrist bands and the leg covers are made out of stretch fabric. rnrnI patterned out a half moon shape for the water pouch and sewed the blue triangles on top before sewing the pieces together. A cork was added to the end. There is a belt hoop on the waist sash for the rope to slide through. However I also safety pin the pouch to me since it fell off once!

I used a Hera in Dark Brown for Katara. Basically I separated the hair i wanted for the sides and what I wanted to pull back into the bun first.

For the bun, with the help of bobby pins, I rolled the hair up (took a few attempts) into a nice roll and then used many bobby pins to keep it up and nice.

Afterwards I pulled the long bangs to the sides and put them into little hair ties. I used these ties to help me securely pin the long bands around the bun so that it looks like the side hair is part of the bun. I topped the bun off with a hair tie I made with some of the fabric from my top. The hair tie has velcro on it so it can be put on without messing up the bun. I have a bobby pin holding onto it so it doesn't fly off.

I had kept a tiny bit of hair for Katara's "hair loopies" in the front. I put small black rubber bands on them and pushed some beads onto them. The rubber bands make sure the bead does not slide down. Then I pinned the "loopies" into the sides.

For the side pieces that go with the main part of the hair I took some black rubber bands and tied one on each side about 3 inches above the end of the hair. I then folded the hair up (so I have a little loop) and tied another rubber band next to where the first one is. And put another one on top of that. This is so that the hair bands I made will not slide off and will cover the rubber bands. I had to attach the hair ties by hand sewing the sides of them together over the hair. They are not detachable unless I want to open them up and sew them back on again.


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