Howl Pendragon

Howl's Moving Castle



Jacket and Shirt: I tried to make them with the help of my grandmother, but we ran out of time and ideas and so I commissioned them. Backstitch Cosplay made them both for me, and they're lovely. (

Pants: These pants from Charlotte Russe (

Necklace: I bought a glass pendant from a craft store and colored one side with light blue permanent marker, then smeared it with alcohol on a toothbrush. It's not movie-accurate, as it has facets and depth, instead of being a smooth tear drop. I'd love to make another one out of resin. But it's stunningly magical in real life, and it photographs well to boot. I put it on a gold chain and added a simple red bead.

I skipped the earrings because my hair covered them, although in a few shots you can see blue glass earrings peaking out. I'd love to make earrings out of resin as well, for the future.

Wig: Bought it from Kasouscosplaywigshop on Etsy. It's a character wig, so it was styled specifically for Howl. I might trim the bangs a tad for the future, and I can't wear it without the mesh hanging over my ears, but none of that affects the looks. I ended up spraying the bangs to look a bit choppier and to stay out of my face better.

Makeup: Used BB cream, eyeshadow primer, fake eyelashes, and high definition powder in addition to the usual. Contoured the heck out of my cheeks and neck, but skipped contouring anything above my eyes as the bangs of the wig covered it. My eyebrows are naturally black and looked odd with the wig but I didn't want to dye them, so I filled in my brows with light eyeshadow and then used Sephora's Tinted Brow Freeze pencil on the top, ( which worked quite well. It didn't make my eyebrows look blonde, exactly, but certainly lessened the contrast.


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Series Howl's Moving Castle
Character Howl Pendragon


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