Final Fantasy X-2



Remember that whole High School students without jobs and too much time on their hands? This is a prefect example of that! The summer after FFX-2 came out we decided it'd be neat to make matching costumes (we also discovered you can play FFX-2 with a DDR pad) our idea was to preform a skit and sing 1000 words. So, my friend, and Yuna, made my top to match her's out of some fabric she had at home. We purchased matching boots and painted them to get the look we wanted. I then took my top home, took it in, hemmed the side ruffle, made the hair beads, made the arms warmers out of some scrap sheer fabric, and purchased the perfect layered skirt from good ol' 579. While this costume fit, I got quite a bit of wear out of it. I gained some weight after High School and had to retire this costume.


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Series Final Fantasy X-2
Character Lenne
Variant Songstress


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