Selphie Tilmitt

Kingdom Hearts



I went to wal*mart to buy yellow denim. Wal*mart doesnt carry that. I bought white denim and yellow fabric dye. I dyed the fabric (oo, go me!). I then bought a sundress pattern similar to Selphie's, altered parts of it slightly, and sewed me a yellow denim dress with a sewing machine. Yay for me and my mad skillz. I searched for shoes like Selphie's. I found them in white. So I bought them (only $3) and painted them brown. I will also inform you that you cannot buy a jumprope with simple brown handles and white rope. I ended up buying a jumprope with yellow handles and blue and yellow rope. I painted the handles brown, and ditched the rope and replaced it with white rope. The bracelet. Hmmm. Wal*mart doesn't sell bags of beads solely in blue. I had to buy 4-5 bags of multicolors of beads before I had enough blue beads to make a bracelet. Yeah. And the wig? *twitches* Lots of hair spray and hot blowdryer. The back pocket never got sewed on, simply because I didn't realize until recently that they existed. I plan to put those on before NDK. The shoes gave me bad blisters the first time I wore this costume. So I figured out how to wrap my feet in duct tape without it being obvious.


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Character Selphie Tilmitt


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