Zero Kiryu

Vampire Knight



My newest version of Zero Kiryu! I made this for Otakon 2011, thinking that it would be a light enough outfit to survive the heat. Unfortunately, nothing could survive the heat that weekend. XD But I still had a lot of fun going as this version of Zero.

I used most of what I already had from the previous Zero. The thing that really made this costume different was the vines, which took about a week or two to complete between work and everything else. I touched up the Bloody Rose gun as well. I also used latex to make it look as though I had a vine or two growing out of my skin, like he does in the manga, but unfortunately I couldn’t get photos of it due to the heat.

Otherwise though, the whole cosplay turned out rather well! I was lucky enough to get a few photos from the group Vampire Knight shoot on the Thursday of Otakon and I also did another shoot this fall with my friend feline-soul. Hope you like it! :)


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Series Vampire Knight
Character Zero Kiryu
Variant Vines


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