Gurren Lagann

@II Squall II


I finally cosplayed as Kamina *___*!
I like so much his char b/c every time I watch TTGL he make me laugh and cry so hard T___T
If you never watched this anime,you should! ^^
As usual I was w/ my GF (|| Rinoa ||) and she was my Yoko *___*
About the costume,GF made outfits and I made glasses and Yoko's Rifle^^!
Please enjoy and...


@II Squall II
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Series Gurren Lagann
Character Kamina


Mypointyhair I've already said this on another one of your pictures, but this costume is amazing! I'm going to make a female Kamina cosplay and I'm looking for inspiration for colors/fabric/stuff to get for Kamina and this is the best one I've seen! Everything just looks so good! If you don't mind me asking, what did you use for the tattoos?

ElevatorSquall You guys are amazing! My gf and I also did Squall and Rinoa and soon we are going to do Simon and Nia! Also, you two are one of the best cosplay couples I've seen in a while!

Kiandra I can't honestly say HOW amazing you are *_* Probably the best Kamine I've ever seen. Your Yoko is also pretty much awesome. Really!!

Japanimemusic You're such an amazing Kamina! Please put up more pictures soon!