This cosplay overall was rather simple. I wanted to do an ANBU cosplay but not the typical Kakashi style so I decided to make one based on my favourite member of the Akatsuki.

The vest is made from broadcloth and a layer of batting to make it thicker. The straps are sewn on in the back and attach with velcro.

The black undershirt is just underarmour and the pants were purchased along with the ninja shoes.

Mask was made by layering tape and newspaper on top of a pre-existing mask from Hobby Lobby, taped, then paper-mached. I then layered it with gesso and painted on the design based on some fan art. Sealed with enamel spray. The sword prop was a modified toy sword from Target because I got a little lazy.

Armwarmers were just made from cotton, hand painted the lines, and capped off with black material I had in my scrap fabric.

Gloves and headband purchased.


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Series Naruto
Character ANBU
Variant Mist/Kisame inspired


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