1970s crochet outfit




I can’t remember what prompted me to make this. I worked off and on crocheting this outfit for about a year. Most of the yarn came from my mother’s basement. I also asked her advice about colours and patterns since she was in her late twenties for that era. This was so much fun to make.

Hat – I saw a picture of a similar hat from the 70’s and loved it. It only took me a little time to figure out the pattern to make my own. The top is a pentagon and then there are 5 granny squares going around and then a band.

Shrink – That’s what the tank top thing is called. I had no idea, my mother told me. Again this is from a picture I found online. It’s two large granny squares with a couple of rows of double crochets to connect them. The shoulder straps took longer to figure out. For each one I had to make two halves and then stich them together.

Fingerless gloves – I started with granny squares and then added the scallops on each end.

Skirt – I had lots of fun with this. No pattern. I just made it up as I went along. The crochet equivalent of draping. I experimented with different types of stitches.

Shawl – I saw a picture of a granny square poncho from the 70’s, but I hate ponchos. I took the general look and made a shawl instead.

Bag – I nice wave pattern. I made sure to line up the colours when I did the trifold to have a pouch and flap. The strap is made out of double crochet’s.


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Character 1970s crochet outfit


Maurishio-kun Wow seriously, kudos for crocheting all that costume, it must have been a lot of job and the color pattern and the final result look so astonishing!

GracefulNightingale I can't believe no one has commented on this yet! The fact that you crocheted this completely is amazing. My mother used to crochet, and I remember watching her and how much time it would take to create something. I'm so impressed and amazed by your work! BEAUTIFUL JOB!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: