Abby Sciuto




Shirt – I bought a plain black T-shirt from a thrift store. I then crocheted the skull and hand stitched it on.

Lab coat – Another thrift store find.

Skirt – This was part of a suit I used to have when I was a teen. It didn’t fit any more so I cut the top off the skirt and made a new waist band.

Wig – I bought a cheap wig at Halloween. I had to cut it and thin it out to get the right shape. This was my first time seriously cutting a wig.

Boots – Bought them at a thrift store, what a surprize.

ID badge – I found an image of her ID online. I printed it up and laminated it and added a clip.

Jewelry – The bracelet and necklace I found at Claire’s.

Gloves – I’ve had for years; I can’t remember where I bought them.


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Series NCIS
Character Abby Sciuto


SuperBee As a fan of the show... Well done!

Maurishio-kun Lovely character idea for a cosplay :D I love how you're portraiyng her :D