Marthony as Iron Giant

Iron Giant

'99 cartoon movie + Ready Player One

2018 toy release

Cosplayer: Marthony
Torso base is enlarged & trimmed down from Evil Ted's torso template. Top of head dome is Evil Ted's 8" dome template. Materials are EVA foam, Velcro, elastic, contact cement, hot glue, 2x 24 LED pucks lights stripped down & running in series on 9V battery. Eyes are 1/4" thick wafer of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser 3/8" away from LED's.

I'm looking through the mouth opening with great peripheral range, and can look down under jaw for stairs etc. I'm wearing a skiing buff held in place with a wide elastic over the top of my head, and held to my clothes with heavy safety pins.

Forearms are hexagonal, lower legs octagonal. A lot of math went into this build over 2 months. I'm done with trapezoids for a while! Angle cuts were done by eyeballing; EVA foam is at least a bit forgiving of being 5-15 degrees off.

Shoe covers were made by building a template with al.foil & duct tape, marking up cut lines, then transferring shapes to card stock and then to EVA foam. Will replace with detailed versions for 2019 April Calgary Comic Expo.

If I pull the buff down slightly, I can get a straw in there under the jaw. 2 handed drinking technique worked well enough! Belt is held in place with Velcro for easy removal of codpiece for going to bathroom easily.

Forearms have a couple nylon loops hot-glued in place each, so I can caribiner a pouch, phone lanyard or keys. There are also 6 small bits of foam inside as spacers to keep the forearm centered on my wrist, and catch on my shirt & glove so it doesn't try to slip off.