Kageri Sendou

Fatal Frame 4: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse



So this cosplay was actually pretty easy. One funny fact about this one was that the lace sleeves are actually lace leggings my friend bought off Ebay that were, like practically child size.... so I used them...lol. I hurt my left eye though, wearing an really thick contact lens because my original pure white one got knocked over and spilled out of it's vial and became a big goopie mess.

"The sunlight was strong.
When she appeared, I was standing on the courtyard veranda.
...She came up the stairs.
The air in the courtyard stopped moving.
She had no face.
The faceless person was the walking dead.
She looked at a man in the garden.
That man's face was destroyed!
The faces of people who looked at her face were destroyed!
As if it were nothing, that woman
went into the Hall.
It started.
Since I was born dead, it was my first feeling of elation.
It started.
It was like going somewhere far away.
It made me feel young again.
On today's walk, I might go somewhere far away.
Maybe I can finally go to the beach again. "
Kageri Sendou's Letter


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Series Fatal Frame 4: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse
Character Kageri Sendou


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