Mawaru Penguindrum



ah, what to say about this costume. It's made out of stretch sateen a whole lot of it I believe I used about 6 yards or so this includes the skirt and red lining? The frills were just random white fabric that I could get for cheap with a coupon. Basically I sewed a 9 inch wide strip that was 5 yards long turned it inside out, gave it 4 inch pleats and cut of the excess though there wasn't much. Then after that I had to sew it onto the skirt. Lots of fun. My hat was basically just winged I hotglued almost the entire thing the night before the con there was no way I could have finished it. I plan to remake it especially since the balls at the bottom kept falling off. The hat made the wig super heavy so I need to secure it much better next time. Lets see I also plan to make boot covers so everything is made out of the same material. I didn't have enough time so I just used some thigh high's I had laying around.


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Series Mawaru Penguindrum
Character Himari
Variant Survival Mode/Princess of the Crystal


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