Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto: Shippūden



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Series Naruto: Shippūden
Character Naruto Uzumaki


YukiHatake I love that picture!!!! You almost look exactly like him!!! Great job on the wig too! Sadly... I keep looking for a Naruto cosplayer who lives in Pennsylvania Mechanicsburg area because I cosplay as Sasuke (well starting to at least... I have made my epic failed wig and I just need to buy the cosplay outfit... =TT__TT= and yea) but if u know someone or you do live here then I'd love to meet! And yet this sounds very stalker like.... Sorry..... I just registered today and is like freakishly mad because I can't seem to find anyone in this area who cosplays as Naruto... I am 14.... Not sure many people are 14 on his website... And now I'm just talking a lot and so randomly giving you my age.... Yep! It's official..... I think I'm going insane trying to find a cosplayer group.... =+_+= Well if you can help that would be cool! But if you can't then I'm am so Fudgen sorry I bothered you.... I am just completely random because I love cupcakes!!! Whoop! Told you..... And again I am so sorry I just went completely isane and randomly asked you for help!!! =>_<=