Wild Tiger

Tiger & Bunny



Wild Tiger hero Suit From the Series Tiger & Bunny. This was my first Armor cosplay, so it was a long learning process, but I'm really proud of my work. Even though I just finished it recently, I'm sad to say I have to retire it because I made a lot of mistakes in the building process and now the costume always falls apart and breaks whenever I wear. I have such a fun time wearing this costume, and it was a great experience making it. I can't wait to remake it.


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Last Updated 7 years ago
Created 7 years ago
Series Tiger & Bunny
Character Wild Tiger
Variant Hero Suit


Crimson_Aether Thanks! :) I used plastic binder dividers that I found at Office Depot and Target.

DollFacedDude Awesome! Especially for a first time with armor! I think out of all the Tiger armor suits I've seen yours has the best shape and proportions. Whatever gel-sheet/plastic you're using for the green parts is great. If you smooth out the surfaces better on round 2 you'll look good enough to have jumped straight out of the show! I hope I get to see it in person some day.