Avatar: The Last Airbender


Description was so fun being the misunderstood again XD seriously too much hero worship out there jk. but it was fun prancing around with lilaznfreak for the shoot at the end of the day.

crown: made up of foam, glued to a red ribbon then tied around my hair. yep not a wig. fortunately my hair was the right length...i would have to cut it now -_-"""""

ok the fun part now XD armour is made up of vinyl which was quite fun to make. vinyl was stiff enough i did not need to add any backing. bias tape was made and sewn on. armour is two pieces: shoulder and chest piece.

main body: comes in 3 pieces: top, dress/apron, and poofy pants. top is all one piece right now. for the darker/burgundy part of the sleeves i want to make as gauntlets so the sleeves are more fitted. dress/apron ties around the neck. the designs are appliqued on and based on the fire nation symbols. this was also my first time making pants as i was restricted to making skirts and already having pants for cosplays XD luckily it they were poofy pants.

belt is gold fabric with a foam belt 'buckle'

'fire' is chiffon material painted to have a gradient.

total time: 5 days
cost: ~$30


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Series Avatar: The Last Airbender
Character Azula


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