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#1 Elycium on 5 years ago

I took my sister down to the lake the other day, while we still had some nice weather. I did have to shoot at some odd angles to try and keep the want-to-be photobombing teenagers out of the photos :\

Some editing done in Lightroom.

Anyway, looking for advice on what I could do better.

[URL=""]First Pic[/URL]
[URL=""]Second Pic[/URL]

edit: posting links since the pictures are a bit large

#2 youta on 5 years ago

Technically I think the photos are OKish, although you have some chromatic aberration (see the tip of the staff in the first), and the background is a bit too bright.

More importantly, I'd suggest you experiment a bit more with poses and angles. You're already thinking about people in the background, which is good since cons can be a challenge in that regard, but don't let that be the only thing which defines your framing. She's your sister, so you guys know each other well and are at ease together, perfect for trying all sorts of things, no matter how strange or silly they may seem. Change the level from which you take the picture, from below, from above, walk around her, zoom in and out, have her laugh, pout, run, kneel, swing, jump, swim! Play around, find out what works and what doesn't, and eventually technique will follow.

#3 brucer007 on 5 years ago

On the first photo, I don't think the background is too bright. It is just fine, creating a good contrast to bring out the person, but the highlights in the waves are too bright, are distracting, and lack detail. I like how the background is composed behind your sister, but shooting down from such a close proximity made her head seem a bit too large. This would not happen, if you were able to get another 10 feet, or more further away, and still maintain a high angle.

The eyes are almost blocked by the wig. I see what looks like the dark hair beneath the wig near the back of the neck.

On the second photo, I like that the background is blurred, so we focus on the cosplayer, but i is difficult to make out what it is. By itself, i can't tell if it is water, or solid ground.

I see a shadow, or dark hair beneath the wig, near the temple, just above the ear. This can be retouched out.

You cropped out just the tip of the staff. You might as well have shown the staff.

Looking at the camera, made it seem like a snap-shot pose. Look off camera, unless there is a story being conveyed in the glance.

#4 Tigerpaws on 4 years ago

The first image I think would have benefitted from being shot at a lower angle. And if you had the opportunity to photograph at sunrise or sunset, the light on the model would be a bit more dynamic- here it is a little flat.

I hope that is helpful!

#5 gordonspeaker on 4 years ago

The first pic is really really great.

#6 Rushmoore on 4 years ago

Lovely Photos

#7 Chaku on 3 years ago

They look really great :D I think you should brighten up you more, the first thing i noticed was the background but the first thing I should be noticing is the cosplayer! And maybe practice facial expressions? haha... sorry it if the seems tough but you're doing good!

#8 AlexandrMin on 3 years ago

I think those photos quite good)But cosplayer on it should a little bit work on her poses )

#9 theDISCORDIA on 3 years ago

Maybe make the poses and composition more dynamic by giving more space around the cosplayer?

#10 sumary on 3 years ago

I think the second photo is absolutely beautiful. It blends very well with the background. I really like that second photo. Great work!