Costume Plans 2015

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#1 DespairedPheonix on 4 years ago


Just wondering what everyone was planning? I know it's early, but AUSA is over Halloween so it's never too early to plan!

I'm thinking of bringing Alice's Hattress dress from Madness returns, specifically for Halloween ^.^

Otherwise, maybe Tauriel and Sailor Jupiter!

#2 Quinn the Shiki on 4 years ago

Good to see I'm not the only one planning this early!

At the moment, my plans are:
Friday: Grell from Kuroshitsuji. My first ever cosplay which I'm redoing since this AUSA will be the five year anniversary of my first cosplay.
Saturday: Shuu Iwamine from Hatoful Boyfriend (Most likely covered in blood)
Sunday: Natsumura Kusaribe from Zetsuen no Tempest. If all goes well, I'll have his glowing trident with me.

If I don't get Natsumura done, I might end up re-wearing Gilbert from Pandora Hearts, since I'm getting that done for a con a few weeks earlier.

#3 Kougetsu on 4 years ago

Well, I'll be attending Awesome Con first, so those cosplays will be first in the making, hehe, but I am already planning for AUSA!

Tentative plans right now are Christa/Historia from Attack on Titan, Firefighter!Makoto from the Free! Eternal Summer ending, and Gadreel!Sam Winchester (complete with wings). I'm super excited!

#4 Spree610 on 4 years ago

I'll be bringing my Tuxedo Mask, Hatake Kakashi, and maybe something new to be made by then.

#5 DespairedPheonix on 4 years ago

My friends and i just put together a princess tutu group, so I have to make Tutu and Ahiru. XD

#6 -ouji- on 4 years ago

[QUOTE=DespairedPheonix;4952554]My friends and i just put together a princess tutu group, so I have to make Tutu and Ahiru. XD[/QUOTE]

Awesome, I hope I see you two so I can get a picture

I just recently had to change my entire line up since me and my best friend planned pair cosplays for the whole weekend but she won't be going now.

So here's my current tentative line up:
Mytho - Princess Tutu
Anghel - Hatoful Boyfriend
Kouha - Magi

I really want to do some cosplays I've been wanting to do for awhile this year.

#7 Spree610 on 4 years ago

Update: I'm working on Son Hak from Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki No Yona). I plan to premiere him at Otakon first. I'll also be making some updates to Tuxedo Mask.

#8 xichigo on 4 years ago

I heard this convention has been going downhill. Does anyone have an explanation of what happened? I first attended the con back in 2004 at the Sheraton Premiere Tysons Corner and continued to go until it stopped being held at the Hyatt Regency in Crystal City.

#9 DespairedPheonix on 4 years ago

Honestly? I'm not really a panel person or a guest person, so I can't answer you there. I like the location, it's good for photoshoots and I really like the crowd. I'm also not much into parties so I can't help you with that, either. I just like going to conventions for the art auctions, artists alley and friends.

Princess Tutu and Sesshomaru's mom from InuYasha the Final Act. I MAY add Super Sailor Moon.

#10 ankarasu on 4 years ago

Planning on
CCG uniform Yonebayashi saiko with whole tg:re group
Hide (CCG ver) with hinami and shironeki
Hori Chie (tokyo ghoul)
urashima kotetsu from touken ranbu

#11 Dragneel2040 on 4 years ago

Haven't decided all of them. Right now I'm working on substitute soul reaper dead pool

#12 alorian on 4 years ago

I think we're going to do Zack and Cloud as far as new costumes, but I'd really love to refurbish some old ones. Maybe do the creepier versions of our Vagrant Story cosplay, since it'll be over Halloween!

#13 Umexchan on 4 years ago

I wish I knew. I am not prepared whatsoever. I'm thinking Mai from Yu-Gi-Oh, but I haven't started yet.

#14 DespairedPheonix on 4 years ago

Hmmm... Idk if my finances are going to allow for tutu and super sailor moon. I already have fabric appropriate for super sailor moon. And a wig. So I'm unsure at this point. In other news, I'm really happy the hotel is pet friendly. I just adopted a cat that needs medication for seizures, so she will be coming with me :)

#15 Quinn the Shiki on 3 years ago

I'm changing my Sunday cosplay. I'm gonna do a book cosplay so instead of Natsumura, I'll be Raffaele from The Young Elites, because the second book comes out right before the con!