At a loss - Steampunk Quiver?

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#1 suristo on 4 years ago

I am working on my steampunk assassin costume, (which funnily enough they now are coming out with a victorian era AC game) and I have hit a dead end. When I was working on creating my costume, I wanted a baldric to match close to what Altair uses in the original game.


I found a fairly close match:


And thought I was home free. I couldn't see how it worked in the back and figured it was two loops held together by a strap like the front, which wouldn't look too bad - or I could make a sword scabbard or the like. Well, I was wrong. When I got the baldric, it is not connected in the back so without something to hold it won't stay put.

It is very nice and I really like it, but I need something that makes sense to go in the back in the 2" diameter loops. The big problem? I can't use any weapons or anything that looks like a weapon in my demo - so no sword. I spoke with the company who said to use a dowel rod, but I will be riding a horse and that sounds like a fantastic way to break my back if something happened and I fell. So I am trying to find something to work with it.

The most obvious solution was a cardboard tube or pool noodle covered in pleather or fabric to maybe look like a quiver. But, they really don't seem to fit in the SP look. So, what do I do? It has to give way in case I fell and not crack my spine, so nothing too hard like wood. I have some crafting skills but I am at a loss. Is there something I can make look fit my outfit and look like it makes any sense?

#2 Dictamnus Albus on 4 years ago

i admit that sounds like a stupid design for what is a harness

firstly, are you going for a canon assasins creed character done in a steampunk fashion
or an original design assassin done in steampunk?

my thoughts would be to use something simply decorative instead of a prop
such as you can add leather cord between the loops to compleate the straps

or you can use rope light (leds in a hose thing)
and rig it up to be a health bar (ie deadspace "r.i.g.") or a mock powersource

since it seems your not allowed to have weapons or lookalikes, imo it would be out of place
to have something like a quiver in the absence of a bow

another option is to make a bag connecting the baldric, bags sound like they come in handy
at events

also what ever you decide to do should be relatively slim, if your worried about falling
onto your back, you dont want something that will withstand your body crushing it
(you want it to go flat if need be)
so pool noodle = no, soft "lumbar pillow" = ok

#3 suristo on 4 years ago

Original design done in steampunk. I have gone a little bit of a mix of some of the characters from the Unity companion app's nomads (since until now there has not been a main character who was female, and I would rather use some liberty with the design) with some steampunk added. I do agree the quiver would look out of place, my biggest issue.

I never imagined the back wouldn't be connected! But oh well, it's already here.

A bag would be very interesting - I do have some pouches for the back of my belt, not sure it would look like too many there haha.

So far someone else mentioned a map case, and I have decided to at least try to make it. I'm not worried about it crushing completely flat, just more don't want a giant stiff wood dowel to crack my back into pieces if it were to happen.

#4 Dieselpunk on 4 years ago

A round shipping tube covered in leather (or pleather) could do the trick. I have made something similar from the package of a Chopin Vodka bottle.