Love Live @ AUSA 2015

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#1 aozoracosplay on 3 years ago

Hi guys! I'm new to so let me know if something I've done needs to be fixed or in the wrong place!

Just curious as to who might be coming down to the con cosplaying from Love Live! I will be with a bunch of friends and a full group at some point doing a few different outfits.

I'm also hosting a Love Live photoshoot/gathering during the convention on the 31st, which is Halloween!

[b]When?:[/b] October 31st (Saturday)
[b]What time?:[/b] undecided - until I can find a list of times for a location or some other relevant list.
[b]Where?:[/b] undecided - I hear there's a garden that could work but I'm not sure if everyone and their mother is going to be there or not so

If anyone could help me schedule a time/place for this event that would be great! This is my first AUSA so I'm excited! Hoping to come back next year too since it's close to home.

You can join the Facebook event page if you'd like to RVSP/post about your cosplays & etc! [url][/url]