AnimeUSA Panel?? Attack on Titan

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#1 st0lensanity on 3 years ago

Hello! A friend and I are thinking about getting some others to do an Attack on Titan cosplay panel with Q&A and Dares and Interactive Activities with the Audience, but we need more participants, considering it is only the two of us so far <3 Please comment below if you're interested <3 My friend will be Mikasa and I will be Marco. We need a Jean, Eren, and Armin (AT LEAST)!

#2 lindseyleigh828 on 3 years ago

Was this the same panel that was at katsucon?

#3 CDR Strawberry on 3 years ago

I'm interested. I cosplay Erwin. :) I could also cosplay Dadwin if that works better.

#4 Kynessent on 3 years ago

I am definitely interested in being Jean for this!! :D

#5 Saccharineflood on 3 years ago

Did you get approved for your panel ?

#6 chrono4281 on 3 years ago

I could bring Sasha