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#1 Emmejo on 4 years ago

I'm planning to make the woman's skant uniform from the original Star Trek series, and I'm hoping to find a pattern to work from. I'd rather not have to cobble together a homemade one, since it is such a popular costume. However, I've not had much luck searching the web. There seem to be several different designs for patterns, mostly out of stock, but I'm thinking I could probably track one down on ebay or Etsy. There is also the pattern that was included in one of the books (Starfleet Tech. Manual maybe?) but the scans I've seen online look a little wonky. The proportions seem a little odd and taking it to a print shop to get it scaled up would be an extra step I'd prefer to avoid.

Has anyone here had experience using any Trek patterns and have one to recommend? (Or to warn me away from!)

#2 Tiffany_Park on 4 years ago

Several eBay sellers sell patterns for the TOS skant (katarra8, intergalactic, etc), but all of them are the tri-swirl design (seen on Nurse Chapel, occasionally on others in velour in the 2nd season, and on all the ladies in polyester knit in the 3rd season). If you want the first season design, you'll have to fiddle with a regular pattern and adapt it. I haven't found a TOS skant pattern for that one yet. In fact, if you find one, please let me know!

Be warned that many people complain that the patterns run small (esp in the sleeves) and the skirts are very, very short. Like, crotch-skimming short. Actually, if you look at the series, the skirts really were that short (they wore Danskins dance pants underneath in matching colors), but these days that lack of length makes a lot of people nervous. ;) Many people online say they added a few inches to the skirt length, and some have said they needed to lengthen and/or enlarge the width of the sleeves, add gussets in the armpit area, and other mods.

I got my pattern from katarra8 on eBay. She also has an etsy shop if you don't like eBay. She also sells the patches, rank braid, and other accessories. However, I have yet to attempt to make a mockup of the skant (been too busy this summer). I've only managed to transfer the pattern so I don't have to cut up the original. I looked online at other people's experiences sewing it up, and to say they vary wildly is an understatement. It should be an interesting experiment when I get to it. :crylaugh:

Here is the pattern I bought, if you are interested:

But as I said, there are others available on eBay and etsy. I have no idea if they are all the same pattern, or if they are produced by different people. Good luck!

#3 Tiffany_Park on 4 years ago

Just FYI, here's a link I found about sewing up the pattern. There is other useful information about sewing TOS uniforms on this site:


And here's a link for someone who actually sewed the pattern and complains about it:

Another link about the pattern (which I don't think has been "in stock" for years, but it is probably the same pattern):

Have fun.

#4 pelagia on 4 years ago

Hi, I bought my TOS skant pattern from kattara8's Etsy shop - I was very happy with the pattern and instructions when it arrived (I also bought an embroidered insignia patch).

As previous posters have said, the pattern runs VERY small (I am a small UK size 8 and the Small size was a tight fit) and it is extremely short! If I was making mine again I would definitely add a bit of length to the hem.

The hardest part for me was deciding on fabric, I chose to use a cotton twill so that the uniform was breathable and maintained it's shape well.

You can see my uniform here : [URL=""][/URL]

#5 Tiffany_Park on 4 years ago

Look at it this way: the length and tightness are screen accurate! :geek: That matters to a lot of people. It turned out beautifully. Good job.

Did you use a stretch twill, or non-stretch? That might make a difference in how tight it feels. The Trek costuming groups used to discuss the fabrics a lot.

#6 Emmejo on 4 years ago

Thanks for the advice! I'd spent a while at the 1701st, but the others were new. It sounds like there isn't really a great pattern, they all have odd elements and require significant alteration to make flattering.

As far as it being very short, yeah, that's screen accurate but awkward. In my case it is cold enough here that I might be wearing leggings instead of tights, and luckily the shorts underneath are accurate too!

pelagia: That looks great! Probably one of the best I've seen made from that pattern which is very encouraging.