What should I know about dieselpunk?

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#1 Khorrupt on 4 years ago

I honestly hadn't heard of it until very recently, but I'm going to a dieselpunk-themed ball. From what I've read, I'm pretty much covered as for hair and makeup since it's an everday/occasional thing for me, respectively, but I'm not exactly clear on clothing staples/props/weapons.

I also have a handful of dresses that I think would work, and a (dark purple) velvet shirt I bought a while ago that I think could be reworked into a wonderful cropped military jacket. Is velvet a no-no? Should it be grittier? Are purposefully-frayed fingerless gloves too steampunk? What about stockings? Would Oxford-style shoes that err Lolita be too far off?

Also -- guns? My Winter Soldier cosplay hooked me up with a selection from dainty handguns to big assault rifle types, which, to me, seem a little too modern? What about appropriate types of holsters? I don't exactly want to carry my gun in my hand if I'm going to be dancing.

Any pointers at all would be helpful. I've just got a lot of hard-to-decipher/too vague information being thrown at me on Google.

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