What do you do with your Elsa cape WHILE cosplaying?

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#1 LeyLey on 4 years ago

So I'm going all out on my Elsa Halloween costume this year and have been curious how others have dealt with actually wearing the cape. It's so long, I am worried about what will happen to it while I am walking around- I don't want it to get ruined, and it seems like for doing anything like sitting it would just get in the way.

Any suggestions from those of you that have done it before? I've seen a few pics of Disneyland Elsa walking through the park carrying her cape on one arm. Am I going to have to do that all night?

#2 stefaniecat on 4 years ago

Cape drape is my go-to.

You could also work a bustle design in a la wedding dress?

#3 Melima331 on 4 years ago

Mine snaps on so I have the option to remove it. However, I just usually drape it over my arm.

#4 Zacora on 4 years ago

I made my cape not as long as her actual design (it trails behind me maybe four feet?) and then at the bottom I've sewn in clear straps (Think clear bra straps) on the edges, and midway to the back. Then when I need to pull it up I can just loop the straps over my wrists and it holds itself up like an arm drape. I also have one sewn midway up the sides so it pulls it up there to give it more of a draping effect. Very simple and keeps my cape clean when not in use, and nearly impossible to see if you get thin enough straps.

#5 LeyLey on 4 years ago

So I had planned on making the cape and figuring out a way to have it bustle, and my plan be was the clear straps. (Which I think is brilliant, by the way!)

So I worked on a mock cape with a different fabric first, so that I could be sure I liked how the bustle looked, and that I liked the size of it and everything. But after spending so much time on it, I just couldn't get it to feel flowy enough with a bustle and I didn't want to risk spending all the time and effort on it for it to just get ruined in some bar on Halloween.

So what I decided to do was to keep my mock cape and plan on making a "full size" one in the future, and for Halloween, just make a cape that had the same look and feel of Elsa's but would not drag on the floor. I figured I'd be much happier that night not having to worry about the cape every single moment I was out. I'm pretty happy with my mini cape. I ended up just using shiny tulle for the fabric since it was on sale, and making the snowflakes out of modge podge and glitter.

Here are some pics of the final result. Not the best quality images, but you get the idea.



#6 stefaniecat on 4 years ago

Wow. that looks great! (Sleeves look amazing too)

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