Asuka Tanaka [Hibike! Euphonium]

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#1 meb9000 on 3 years ago

Hey there, thought I would post my photobooth pics from Sakuracon 2016, I think they came out pretty well! Enjoy!


#2 belligerent on 3 years ago

The cosplay looks good and the pics did come out nicely! That's not a euphonium, though!! (as a euphonium player for 24 years now, I am required by bandlaw to give you a hard time about this lol, don't take it seriously)

#3 meb9000 on 3 years ago

Thanks for the comments. Regarding the instrument, it was so bizarre, I specifically asked Kenelley Keys for a Euphonium to rent, but sure enough, one of the first people to take my picture in the hallway brought up that it was some kind of Baritone instead. I guess the clerk at Kenelley Keys screwed up, I just didn't know any better. It still got the job done, looks close enough ;p...(Asuka is displeased with this Euphonium-san imposter!)

#4 belligerent on 3 years ago