Tokyo Ghoul Gathering 2018

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#1 (GG)Nami_Misaki on 1 year ago

Hello everyone! So we are hosting 2018's Tokyo Ghoul Gathering :)
If you are a fan of this series or plan on cosplaying Tokyo Ghoul, come join us!
We also have a Facebook event page as well, so if you do plan on attending, or are interested, feel free to sign in.
We'll also be handing out Tokyo Ghoul ribbons to the cosplayers there. (those who arent in cosplay and are fans of the series will have to either answer trivia or sing a part of the iconic and most memorable anime theme song, "Unravel."~ More info will be posted on the event page soon!)
Hope to see you guys there!

[U]The Tokyo Ghoul Gathering[/U]

Day: Day 2 (Saturday) *confirmed*
Time: TBD, but trying for 2 pm - 3 pm (Will update if anything changes)
Location: TBD
Facebook Event Page: [url][/url]

Host: Vincent-Roth
Co-host: Nami

Who is everyone else going as?~ Be sure to tell us which characters you'll be (and if you'd like, which version, ex. genderbend, :re, original, fanart, ghoul ver, etc!) so we can put up a list for group shoots And dw about doubles/triples/and so on! Come as anyone you like.
The more the merrier! Just a thing to keep in mind however, there will be spoiler characters.
I will be attending as Seidou Takizawa from the original and Jon will be coming as Amon.

Last updated: 10/28/17

Kaneki -
Touka -
Hinami -
Enji -
Yoshimura -
Uta -
Itori -
Rize -
Yomo -
Nishiki -
Roma -
Irimi -
Tsukiyama - Vincent-Roth,
Karren/Kanae -
Banjou -
Kurona -
Yashiro -

Eto -
Tatara -
Noro -
Ayato -
Yamori -
Naki -
Guge -
Gagi -

Akira -
Furuta -
Shinohara -
Juuzou -
Arima -
Arima Squad -
Ui -
Hairu -
Suzuya Squad -
Hanbee -
Nakarai -
Mizurou -
Miyuki -
Quinx Squad -
Sasaki -
Urie -
Saiko -
Shirazu -
Mutsuki -
Shinsanpei -
Ching-Li Hsiao -
Touma -

Other characters:
Amon - Jon,
Hide -
Seidou - Nami,
Kimi -
Donato -
Kanou -
Nico -
Chie -
Nutcracker -

If you don't see your character listed, just let me know and I'll add them! These are just a few.

#2 Vincent-Roth on 1 year ago


Ill be there as Shuu Tsukiyama with Kagune!
So very excited.