My little pony shoots

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#1 Darkneko666 on 2 years ago

Hey guys we are back again this year. We are aiming for an official shoot but if those don't happen we will work on setting up an unofficial shoot. For all the last est news follow our fb group


#2 star-raider on 2 years ago

I'm not sure how the turnout will be this time around since Both Otakon and Bronycon are happening the same exact weekend. Ironic that Bronycon will be at the BCC the same exact time ota is taking place.

#3 Darkneko666 on 2 years ago

It will be fine. We have many people in our fb group that likes otakon over bronycon because it's not a single theme con

#4 Darkneko666 on 2 years ago

Times have picked as well as a spot. Please check the fb or this pages unofficial thread for the info. Official shoot is still in the air waiting on otakon to release more info

#5 Darkneko666 on 2 years ago

My little pony will be an official shoot Friday at 6:30pm