Ideas of what to do for Solo skit with Zone-tan?

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#1 AkidaUmichi on 5 years ago

I'm pretty sure [URL=""]Zone [/URL]can be entered into the AnimeFest given that she does fall under the "Japan Source" rule from 2015 since she is an 18+ website mascot that makes adult flash games.

The issue is that outside of singing her song "I want To Teach The World To Fap (In perfect Harmony)" [url][/url] (Slightly NSFW lyrics, but the video itself is SFW).

The issue is that last year, they recommended keeping the skit / performance PG / PG-14. I won't be doing any outwardly lewd acts on stage (Such as stripping, making out with anyone, holding genital looking props, etc.). The most I'll probably be doing is the "Thread the needle", "Three Finger Salute" and "Snip Snip" (Signs that are on her T-shirt merch but looking at them directly and not knowing the origin, aren't rated R).

They haven't posted the information / rules for 2016 yet, so I'm going mainly based on last year. Given that it is a song, it's hard to tell where it would land on a "rating" system since there isn't an explicit video or dance to go with it (Just dirty lyrics basically). Though, I will email the cosplay staff closer to when they release information for registration to see if the song would be appropriate.

In the meantime, I need an idea of a solo skit. Or if I should head towards Cosplay Hall / Non-skit portions of the contest.

#2 SquidCanCosplay on 4 years ago

If they want you to be PG/PG-14, they are definitely going to shoot down the song idea, I'm sorry. Just the title of the song is out of that range, and even if it's just dirty lyrics, you run the risk of some six-year-old hearing them and their parents being very angry about the questions they have to answer.
Because the character is linked so closely to adult material, it's going to be difficult to come up with any skit that will be both appropriate and true to the character. I'd recommend going for non-skit portions like Craftsmanship and Walk-ons. If you really want to do this skit, you could try to find an 18+ convention, although those are pretty tough to find nowadays.