Sealant question?

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#1 CaptPeralta on 3 years ago

Organizing a shoot about villains taking over a convention, and I just had a question from anyone familiar with makeup. There are two shots we were thinking about doing that'd involve people being wrapped up (the first is a joke of them interrupting a masquerade performance by tying up the real performers offstage and the second is a group of protagonist/hero characters stuffed in a big closet).

Anyway for the masquerade part one of the real singers might be a Maleficent and for the heroes there's the chance for a lot of face and body paint-intensive characters like the Hulk and Martian Manhunter and whatnot.

If we had them in ropes and had something over their mouths (like cloths or tape) do you think that'd ruin the makeup, or does anyone think the sealant would solve the problem? If it'd be too much of a hassle I guess we could just go the alternate route of having everyone appear to be passed out.

Thanks in advance!

#2 Milky Bubbles on 3 years ago

Sealant is really good at preventing the makeup from rubbing off of someone's skin so I think, if you wanted to go with them being tied up, cloth would be the safest choice. Tape is really good at ripping off makeup and dirt so I think if you tried tape, you could/would just end up with people in costume with patchy-looking makeup...and no one wants that. :(

Ben Nye's setting powder does a really good job at keeping stuff set and there are a bajillion setting sprays now!

I still think the cloth would be the best choice, though because unless the people you are tying up are sweating machines, the sealants should keep everything in place!

Hunt around for good sealants as well, there are lots of people that have asked questions about them before!